Job Management Software Features

Job Management Software Features

Job management software can work on all internet enabled devices

Job Management Software

Investing time in the right job management software features can make business growth easy in the long run.

Efficiently managing business activities such as jobs, clients, deployment, and completions creates financial value for any company.

Additionally, it often means you don’t have to increase your administrative overhead to do more jobs.”

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Today’s and Tomorrow’s Jobs,
Monthly Quotes with Financial Details,
Last Month’s Quotes Status and Financials.

Job Manager

Filter By Job Status & Assign Task
Add Digital Signatures to Jobs Sheets
Eliminate Paper Timesheets

Quote Manager

Display Labour & Costs Values
Email Quote Direct From System
Review Status with System Indicators

Digital Job Sheets

System Generated…
Online Worksheets
Signatures Box Inc:
Generates PDF Version

Operations Management

Add Contact Details
Jobs Assigned to Site
Quotes Assigned to Site
Map Links for Route Planning


Sub-Contractor Directory
Contact & Payment Details
Assign Sub-Contractors to Jobs
Upload Documents (RAMS)

Job Tracking

Managing a Service & Maintenance business requires effective job tracking. Selecting the right operational system for job management, with features that align with your company’s needs, is crucial. The ability to track quotes and jobs effortlessly brings numerous benefits to both your business and clients.

Office & Field Access

FM Planner allows people to log on to the system in the Office & Field to view Jobs, Quotes and other helpful information with complete access control.

Operations Dashboard 

Your Dashboard provides the real-time status of your jobs & quotes, creating great tools for communication with your client.

4 Operational Reason to Consider FM Planner

1. It’s important for the field team and office team to be on the same page, so they can avoid misunderstandings and work together smoothly.

2. By creating a transparent system, tasks are easily passed from one person to another, like a relay baton in a race. This helps to ensure that everyone knows what they need to do, and nothing gets missed.

3. When everyone has a clear understanding of their tasks and responsibilities, mistakes become less common.

4. A more efficient team can provide faster responses, better service, and fewer problems to customers. This can lead to happier customers, which often results in repeat business.

Job System Features

Mobile Workforce Management

4 Financial Reasons For Using FM Planner

1. Cost-saving: By reducing errors, you can save money on fixing them. A smooth workflow ensures tasks are completed faster, which could potentially save wages

2. Increased Revenue: A contented customer base and a proficient team can lead to more referrals, repeat business, and positive reviews, which can ultimately increase sales!

3. Optimal Resource Utilisation: When everyone is using the same system, there is no need for separate systems for different teams. This means that you will not have to spend money on multiple software.

4. Future-Proof Planning: With all the data in one place, you can easily spot trends, plan for busy seasons, and identify potential growth areas.

Android & iOS Devices

4 Key Features of FM Planner:

1. FM Planner Provides – A Job Planner for Scheduling Work and Managing the Workforce.

2. FM Planner’s Job Manager. – Job Monitoring for an Update on Status.

3. FM Planner Mobile – Allows Field Workers to Access Job Details on the Go!

4. FM Planner’s Quote Manager: – Keep up to date with the Progress of your Quotes & Estimates.

Make Sure You Have the Right Job Management Software Features for your business.

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