Free Website

Free Website

We offer a Free Website (starter pack) with our Custom Plan.

Website Design

We are thrilled to announce our latest free website (starter pack) product. This exclusive bundle is carefully curated to flawlessly combine beauty, usability, and functionality.

This offer is only available to our Custom Plan Customers

Our primary objective is to provide an exciting and pleasant user experience for all visitors to your website. By balancing visual attractiveness, user-friendly features, and fast performance, we can create a website that looks great and functions effectively.

The site can be developed as and when needed. You can add a blog section and pages to the site for a small fee.

Elements that are included are as follows…

Responsive Design:

This ensures the website looks good and works well on various devices and screen sizes, from mobile phones to desktop computers.

User-Friendly Navigation:

Simple and intuitive navigation helps users find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, often through a clear menu structure.

High-Quality Content:

It’s essential to include relevant, informative, and engaging text, images, videos, and other multimedia for your audience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

Optimisation techniques to help the website rank well in search engines, making it easier for users to find the site.

Branding Elements:

Incorporation of branding elements like logos and colour schemes to create a consistent and recognisable brand image across the site.

Contact Information Plus Form:

Easy-to-find contact details or a form to fill out, making it simple for visitors to contact you.

Call to Action (CTA):

Clear directives (e.g., “Sign Up”, “Learn More”, “Buy Now”) that guide users towards taking an action you want them to take.

Social Media Integration:

Links or widgets that connect to the website’s social media pages and allow content to be easily shared across social networks.

Free Website Offer

Security Features:

Essential security features like HTTPS, data encryption

Combining these elements, tailored to your specific audience and objectives, forms the foundation of an ongoing website design.

The starter pack includes all the necessary features to get your company online.

For example…

  • 1st Years Hosting
  • WordPress Design
  • SSL Cert
  • Main Home Page
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Stock Images
  • On-site SEO
  • Contact Form
  • Cookie Management
  • Social Media Integration

Options to add a Blog section and additional pages (additional cost required) are available.

*The offer requires a 12-month system sign-up