Client Notes

Client Notes

Great Customer Database

Client Notes Database

FM Planner is a web-based system for managing jobs and clients. It’s designed for businesses that offer great customer services, especially those managing planned and reactive maintenance.

Pricing Plans

FM Planner simplifies customer management, streamlines business activities, and stores detailed client notes to make you a key player in your industry.

Our job management system offers a range of system options that can be customised as you grow.

Job Management Tools

FM Planner simplifies field service operations with job management tools on a secure, cloud-based platform.

You can improve your business’s productivity with FM Planner. It’s a simple and effective solution to increase your company’s earning potential.

Mobile Devices

Job Scheduling

Job scheduling for your field team has never been easier with FM Planner. Decide who is getting which job and when, and then simply allocate from the office directly onto the mobile device of that field operative.

Job management software for tradesmen either working directly for the company or as sub-contractors, can really help!

A field worker using a mobile job sheet

Job Sheet Software

Field operatives can finish their tasks using an online job sheet and adding client notes. Once the job sheet is complete, with or without signatures, the information is immediately available for the office team to manage by clicking a button.

Using job management software can greatly enhance the efficiency of tradesmen and sub-contractors, making them more effective as a company.

Client Notes

Any business that works with customers knows that information is key to delivering a “right-first-time” service. With increasing fuel costs, making sure you only need to visit the site once is critical!

The systems that we build are customer data-focused. We believe that adding client notes at many touch points in providing your service is vital.

Fuel & Costs

It’s not always possible or reasonable to pass costs onto your clients. Make sure you execute the service as crisply as possible to maximise your fees. Fuel & Labour costs can impact margins, especially in fix term contracts.

Client notes and detailed information, document storage contact details sit at the heart of being efficient!

Client Notes Access

One great advantage of maintaining client notes is that they can be easily accessed by everyone who has permission to use the system. It is important to store these notes and make them available to other individuals in the organisation who may be involved with the client, either currently or in the future. with the client, either currently or in the future.

“Job management can be summarised as understanding your customers’ needs and then delivering accordingly.”