The Death of Filing Cabinets

The Death of Filing Cabinets

A universal truth is that no one likes paperwork 

Be Ready for Growth!

Before the internet and computers, when storing, saving, and transferring our files and documents wasn’t so easy. There were lines of filing cabinets that multiplied year on year, forming a formidable wall of steel, often used as room dividers with a plastic plant on top to add some colour to the office! Thankfully, those tactics for storing huge bulks of files forming long paper trails are becoming a thing of the past – it’s a wonder we could ever find anything!

Is This Progress?
Save for a small number of documents the majority of paper trails are now living on our computers. The real question is… have we swapped one obvious problem for another in the name of business progress?

I Still Need Documents & Files
Being a business owner means you will need to track and keep all types of important documents, plus, contracts for easy access no matter where you are, in or out of the office.

Do I want Indispensable People?
Even with the advent of computers and digital file storage, keeping track of important documents can be a nightmare, particularly if you are using a number of cheap or limited software packages that try to make your processes flow!

Invariably, we create workarounds that need people (often the ownership of one or two individuals) to develop a usable fix. This can be a very limited approach, especially if you’re getting more customers! Plus, it makes those individuals that develop these solutions indispensable, which in itself is not a great place to be when things go wrong.

The Question is… Do you feel Safe?
Whilst businesses can now save on filing cabinets and maybe less floor space to keep them on, they don’t always address the real overhead cost and vulnerabilities to the business, people!

As you grow and develop as a company, will utilising a hotchpotch of random software packages and employing indispensable people protect your business as you grow?

Remember! Don’t be too busy working in the business, sometimes you need to work on the business!