Mobile Workforce Management

Job management software can work on all internet enabled devices

Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile Workforce Management Software

Are you still managing your mobile field teams with paper and phone calls?

If so, it’s time to reconsider. Using a Job Management Software System can change how you run your business for the better. Here’s why.

Mobile workforce management (MWM) is software designed to support & manage employees working outside the company premises, for example, field teams. Our FMP systems can include all the features required for deployment, scheduling and management via mobile devices.

Workforce Planning

Streamline Operations

No More Paperwork: Gone are the days of endless forms and papers. Everything is now in one place, digitally.

Quick Dispatch: Assign jobs to your team instantly; no more waiting around.

Track Progress: Real-time updates mean you’re always in the loop.

Improve Communication

Instant Notifications: Team members get immediate updates on their mobile devices.

Dashboard: One place for messages, job updates, and schedules.

Customer Updates: Keep your clients in the loop with automatic notifications.

Systems & Vans

Site Manager

All you need for multi-site management under one client!

Vehicle Management

Make sure you stay on top of vehicle management, allocation & servicing – Include critical reminders for key dates

Store Documents

Business Critical Documents Stored on the system with Reminders  – Insurances, Certs, RAMs, Leases Legals etc…

Quote Management

Quotes can be overlooked or forgotten when a business is busy with “day-to-day” activity – Not anymore!

Streamline Mobile Operations

Cost Savings

Fuel Efficiency: Optimised routes save on fuel costs.

Time is Money: Faster operations mean more jobs are completed each day.

Less Admin Work: Automating routine tasks frees your staff from more critical duties.

Better Data, Better Decisions

Real-time Analytics: Understand your business like never before.

Performance Metrics: Know who your top performers are and who needs coaching.

Strategic Planning: Use the data to plan for growth effectively.

workforce management software for mobile workers

Job Scheduling & Deployment

Job Sheet Software on Mobile Devices. Inc. Client’s Signature!

Active Work Planner aids in Job Allocations, Completions & Timesheets

Streamline your Internal and External Communications, Business Smart!

Why Use Mobile Workforce Management Software?

Increased Productivity
Mobile workforce management streamlines the business process. Issuing jobs to mobile devices means less time speaking to the Office for job information and more time doing the work, ultimately creating better performance.

Improved Visibility
Mobile workforce management software provides transparency on work-in-progress and planned and reactive jobs. 

Uplift Customer Experience
The customer experience is critical for any service business with a mobile workforce. FM Planner’s mobile workforce software supports field workers in providing your best service delivery, keeping your company at the forefront of your client’s minds when issuing more work or recommending you to another business, maximising opportunities.

Custom Design Software

Custom Build Software
We also offer a custom software service aimed at designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software systems for small to medium-sized businesses.

New Targets provide a different service for all types of software products. The service focuses on a wider range of business needs, working with the client to establish how the new software can have the best impact on the company’s key goals.