Reduce Social Engineering Attacks

social engineering can access via weak passwords

~ Social Engineering Risks to Businesses ~ Social engineering is an important topic, especially regarding cyber security and business protection. Social engineering is when someone manipulates and deceives to gain unauthorised access to information or systems. It often involves psychological tactics to exploit human trust and behaviour. Common Examples of Social Engineering: Phishing: Attackers send … Read more

Test Your Internet Speed

~ Test Your Internet Speed!  ~ Test your internet speed regularly! Checking your internet speed is essential for maintaining smooth and efficient web app operations, enhancing customer satisfaction, and staying competitive in today’s digital business environment. Here are some simple and concise points explaining why businesses running web apps should periodically check their internet speed: … Read more

Job Management Systems Boost Resilience

How Job Management Systems Boost Resilience The UK has faced various challenges over the past 25 years that have influenced its economic growth. While it's hard to pinpoint an exact "top 10," here's a compilation based on financial reports, studies, plus observations from the last few decades and how Job Management Systems or Field Service ... Read more