Integrating CRM with MWM

6 Reasons why Integrating CRM with MWM is a Game Change for your business!

Integrating Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can be a game changer for businesses. Here are 6 are reasons why we think this could make a big difference!

Improved customer service using software

1. Improved Customer Experience:

Personalised Service: Integrating CRM with MWM provides a more complete view for Field Operatives, giving access to a customer’s preferences, contact details, past maintenance interactions & issues. With this information, they can manage their approach, resulting in more personalised service.

Real-time Updates: If a field operative is delayed or ahead of schedule, the CRM can be updated in real-time, allowing other teams (like customer support) to proactively communicate with the customer.

Streamline operations on service delivery using software

2. Streamlined Operations:

Optimised Scheduling: By understanding a customer’s preferences (from the CRM) and a field worker’s location and job schedule (from the MWM), businesses can optimise appointment times, reducing travel and waiting times. We like to call this improving the walking order.

• For example, imagine you had to walk the day’s jobs, instinctively you would choose the shortest route to minimise the distance, saving on time and shoe leather!

Complete Task View: The integrated system can provide field workers with all details related to a task, from equipment needed to special customer requests, ensuring they’re always prepared. Get it right the first time!

FM Planner can produce reports on activity

3. Improved Data Accuracy:

Unified Data Entry: By reducing the need to enter data into multiple systems, there’s less room for error. Any data recorded in the field (like task completion or new customer details) can be updated in real-time to the CRM.

Up-to-Date Customer Profiles: Any changes made to a customer’s profile in the field can be instantly updated in the CRM, ensuring all teams have the latest information.

4. Enhanced Sales and Marketing Opportunities:

Cross-Selling and Upselling: With access to CRM data, field operatives can identify opportunities to offer preventative maintenance solutions, products or services that align with a customer’s requirements.

• For example, the Field Operative is often “Jonny on the Spot” the best-placed person to see that something may become a bigger problem if not addressed before it breaks!

Feedback Collection: Field workers can gather feedback during their visits, which can be fed back into the CRM, providing valuable insights for the Sales and Marketing teams.

Job Management System Prices

5. Financial Benefits & Cost Savings:

Streamlined operations mean less time wasted. Here is a summary of potential cost savings from integrating CRM with MWM:

Better Resource Allocation: Less idle time for field workers; more efficient use of staff.

Fuel and Travel Savings: Optimised routes reduce fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear.

Decreased Administrative Overhead: Streamlined processes reduce the need for large administrative teams.

Improved Inventory Management: Better stocking decisions, leading to reduced storage costs.

Reduction in Customer Churn: Enhanced service quality means retaining more customers, and saving on acquisition costs.

Fewer Errors and Revisits: Comprehensive data minimises field operatives’ mistakes, reducing costly revisits.

Targeted Training: Insights from integrated data help design efficient training, saving time and resources.

Increased Revenue: Enhanced customer experience and new sales opportunities can lead to increased customer retention and higher sales, respectively.

6. Better Decision Making:

Data-Driven Insights: Integrating CRM with MWM data, businesses can generate comprehensive reports that provide insights into field operations, customer preferences, and potential areas of growth.

Resource Allocation: Insights from the integrated system can guide decisions about where to allocate resources, whether it’s hiring more field operatives in a particular region or focusing sales efforts on specific customer segments.

Integrating CRM with MWM Makes you Better!

Integrating CRM with MWM not only enhances the efficiency of field operations but also elevates the quality of customer interactions.

For businesses aiming for growth, operational excellence, and stellar customer experiences, integrating these two systems can be a pivotal strategy.

Consider the following when choosing a Mobile Workforce Management System

It may not be easy to find a “Commercial of the Shelf” (COTS) system that is simple for all to use and directly meets the needs of your business. If you’re considering moving to a Job Management System that incorporates a CRM function, I would recommend looking at how we can develop a customised system that ticks all of your boxes.

Our best advice is to start small and let the system grow with you, and not the other way around!