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We have included a number of Job Systems FAQs that we hope will be useful. However, we love questions, so please feel free to get in touch.

Job Management Systems FAQs

Is FM Planner right for my business?

A key reason for offering a Free Trial is for you to look at and evaluate the system before buying.
We decided to include sample data in the trial (that can be removed by you at any time). This allows you to see how the system would look once populated with your information.

Here are 4 simple guides as to whether it might be of use.

If you answer “YES” to the following, it could be useful…

~ If you issue jobs to either your own employees or 3rd party contractors
~ Use paper Job Sheets to manage workload
~ Quote for new work
~ Manage Employees & Client Information

Take a look at the pricing options to see what’s best for your business

Can I add Employees to my plan as we grow?

The simple answer is Yes!

Once you have decided on the plan that works best for your business (Silver or Gold), you can add or remove employees from your account as you see fit.

Can you schedule jobs to more than one employee?

Yes, you can.

As long as the individuals are part of your Plan, you can issue jobs any time you wish.

Can FM Planner help with estimating job profit?

We made a conscious decision not to be an accountancy package.

That said, we did recognise the need to help with some basic numbers, especially when quoting for new work.

So, we made a section in the system allowing Labour and Materials to be separated out when entering job prices, it works great as a guide to high-level (potential) profit on a job.

We think it’s useful for sense checking your new quotes.

Can I control access level for each user?

Absolutely! We recognise your business information is precious.

Managing your plan and adding users is easy! Deciding on how much interaction and access to the business information and functions in the system, is completely up to you.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

You are free to cancel the plan at any time you wish.

You will have access to the information until the next scheduled payment is due, so continued access will vary depending on how long after your last payment was made.

Can I upgrade my plan to Gold at any time?

You can upgrade to the next plan at any time.

Remember it’s the account you change not the individuals. This means if you upgrade to “Gold” all members will be charged at the prevailing rates.

Likewise, if you downgrade to “Silver” the pricing on the account for all members with reduce, as well as losing access to the “Gold” functions for all.

Take a look at the system features page, it may help with your account choice  

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